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The GYSTlist is our curated collection of perks, resources, and relationships that give GYST clients and assistants quick, easy and preferential access to the best products and services available. Instead of relying on third-party reviews from strangers, at GYST we source solutions from within our network for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Our GYSTlist Partners are companies/brands that we have developed exclusive relationships with and in turn they have provided GYST clients & assistants access to specialized perks.




Prime Window


  • Who is recommending them?
    Brooke Stone

  • What date/dates did you work with this vendor?

      Bi-annually for last 10 years

  • Contact information? 

      (718) 496-4535

  • Service used:

      Window cleaning, full apartment

      with some pre-war windows

  • Anything else you would like to include?
    They are always on time, their techs wear protective boots in the home and can bring specialty, hard to find keys for pre-war windows - just make sure you tell them what you need when scheduling. They will also send the same team whenever possible which saves you re-explaining the house every 6 months. 

​NY Blinds & Shade Store​

  • Who is recommending them?
    Rachel & Blair

  • What date/dates did you work with this vendor?


  • What is their website?

  • Contact information? 

Ask for Juan,  212-722-5206  

  • Service used:

      Shade repair

  • Anything else you would like to include?

Blair had recc. these guys to me awhile back for a personal shade repair. The quotes I was getting from other companies were ridiculous and trying to get me to replace as opposed to fix my shades . These guys came in the day I called them to give me an estimate, then the next day repaired for a very fair price. Felt comfortable with them in my home, very nice and efficient. They repair and hang blinds and shades, I believe they sell them too. They also do upholstery cleaning and repair. 

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