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If you are driving your own vehicle to a client's house because it is outside of our service area (Manhattan and all 5 boroughs) you are eligible for the federal standard reimbursement, 53 cents per mile for all business miles driven. If you are required or requested to use your own vehicle for work with a client (errands, deliveries, etc.) you are also eligible for this reimbursement. 


Track your fuel costs as follows in Harvest to receive reimbursement: 

  • Track under appropriate Client, mark as Billable 

  • Expense category: Fuel Surcharge

  • For the required receipt upload, take a screen shot of the distance between start and end point of your trip on Google Maps with number of miles between the two displayed

  • In the Amount area, note the number of miles (should match the screenshot you upload to receipt area) 

  • In the Note section, write a note starting with TBR to tell us why you were taking this trip

See attached screenshot for an example of a complete entry. 


No reimbursements will be distributed if you are missing any part of this information. 



Where reimbursements do not apply: 

  • If you choose to drive from your home to a client located within our service area (Manhattan and all five boroughs), this is your regular commute to work. 

  • If you choose to run errands in your car in Manhattan or BK when a car is not explicitly required due to weight or bulk of items being transported or requested by your client.

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